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The Man with the Funny Shaped Eyes

A while ago I wrote this, just really to get it off my mind and keep it down to look back on in the future, but if my experiences can help just one other person feel a bit more at ease about the whole thing then even better. KC really disrupted my travel plans aha, but I didn’t really know what to expect or what was normal. So, have a read, and leave some feedback if you want  Continue reading “The Man with the Funny Shaped Eyes”

Dougie’s Story

I’m 27 and live in edinburgh and was originally told I had KC when I was 12 years old I can remember it well as I was surprised being told I had this strange condition that I’d never heard of, before being told by my optition that I had nothing to worry about. Looking back at the memory and knowing what I know now I would have called up my GP myself as a 12 year old child and demanded a referral straight to the ophthalmic department but because at the time I had excellent vision in both eyes the optition thought it best not to act so quickly and watch it progress. Because I was told not to worry it was as if i was being told not to act and so I never.  Continue reading “Dougie’s Story”

New KC web site

Hello, and welcome to our new-look web site.

Our old site gave us sterling service over the last 10-11 years, but times move on.

The new web site is secure (data is encrypted), responsive (it behaves slightly differently to accommodate different sized screens such as tablets and mobile phones) and it is much easier for us to update it – so it’s quite likely that we will update it and add new content more often than before.

If you have any comments or suggestions the please contact David at


Richard’s Story

I was first diagnosed with KC around 11 years ago, but I really didn’t think that much about it at the time, and it hardly bothered me for the first few years. I used to go for regular eye tests and the opticians would always mention it, but we tend to move areas quite regularly due to work so I hardly ever saw the same optician twice so no one was really monitoring it to notice it getting progressively worse.   Continue reading “Richard’s Story”

One member’s experience of a corneal graft

My brief history

After having KC for 10 years and exploring various possibilities, I went on the waiting list for a graft in January 2003. Following an episode of hydrops and corneal scarring, I felt it was a necessary choice for my left eye, luckily vision in my right eye is still very reasonable. Continue reading “One member’s experience of a corneal graft”

Rugby and Keratoconus: A personal account

I write this passage to pass on my own experience of having and living with keratoconus. Although the condition has been for me frustrating and limiting in certain aspects, my personal view is that it has not proved to be a disability and has not prevented me leading a full and ‘normal’ life. Continue reading “Rugby and Keratoconus: A personal account”

David’s Story

My story begins in 1972 when I was 25.  I was working in a bank in London and was starting to notice that the figures in the ledgers, appeared to be double.  I had been wearing glasses for a few years and the optician referred me to Moorfields.  I explained that I was getting double vision and after a while I was sent down to the children’s department. Continue reading “David’s Story”