Zoom Telephone Instructions

If you are going to PHONE IN to us on an ordinary phone, in sound only, here are the instructions.

You will need the meeting number (11 numbers long) and password (if there is one, 6 numbers long) from the invitation email.

You can use any phone that can make voice calls, so long as it has a keypad with a “*” and a “#” key on it, and it goes “beep” when you press a key.  (Some old phones may go “clickclickclickclick” rather than “beep”.  If there is a switch on the bottom, set it to “T” or “TB” or “Tone”.)

Phone one of the following numbers:

020 3481 5240

020 3481 5237

020 3051 2874

020 3901 7895

0131 460 1196

(The bottom one of these is Edinburgh, the others are all London.)

You will get an automatic voice message welcoming you to Zoom and asking you to key in the meeting ID followed by the hash key (#).

The automatic voice will then ask you to key in a participant ID.  If there isn’t one, just press “#” again.

It will then ask you to key in the password, followed by “#” again.

The voice will then tell you that you are in the meeting, and how many participants there are already, and will then put you “on hold” in the waiting room until you are let in.

For those people with a phone contract the gives them free calls up to an hour, we’ll have a quick break every roughly 55 minutes so we can ring off and ring in again to save the phone bills building up.

If you are using the phone and want to speak you can press *9, this puts a “hand” graphic picture in your black box and gives you an automated voice saying “The person who is hosting the meeting has been informed that you wish to speak.