Our Management Committee

The following members were voted on to the committee at the AGM held on 23rd March 2019
Keratoconus History
Anne Klepacz (Secretary)
Had grafts in both eyes in 1986 but has recently had a re-graft and cataract surgery
Mike Oliver  Diagnosed at age 11 wears Scleral lenses despite being told that a graft is essential four times in the last 30 years
Elaine Nickolay (Vice-Chairman) Diagnosed with KC in late twenties.
Manages vision and lens comfort by wearing Kerasoft lenses and can achieve reasonable vision with glasses relieving the need to wear contact lenses all day
Chris Longhorn (Treasurer)  Has a graft on one eye and contact lenses
David Gable (Chairman) Diagnosed in mid 20’s.  Cornea grafts in 86 & 95. This has left an astigmatism of 7D in the right eye corrected by glasses
John Smith (Webmaster) One PK and one DALK graft. Sees quite well using sclerals, but not worn for the whole day
John Thatcher (West Midlands Co-Ordinator) Diagnosed in late teens, one PK in 1980 still going strong, stable cone in other eye. Wear mini-scleral RGP over graft and soft Acuity K lens over cone giving 6/6 vision; am lucky that can wear lenses all day, every day.
Julia Barby Wears a soft lens underneath an RGP lens (Piggy-backing)
Caroline Condillac Diagnosed late teens. DALK graft in left eye 2003. Reasonable vision achieved with glasses
Batcho Notay