Keratoconus at Work

People with Keratoconus do not usually regard themselves as having a disability but there are often times when things get very difficult. Especially when it comes to the workplace which, with the changes in working practices, may be in your own home. When it comes to disability, it is not the condition itself that is considered but the effect it has on you to maintain employment. We have prepared this factsheet to assist those with keratoconus who face increasing challenges. It contains information and advice for employers to generate a better understanding of keratoconus. You can read and download the factsheet – here

We also have a Health and Safety factsheet which covers the legal aspects in more detail – here

The Government has a scheme called ‘Access to Work’, designed to help people continue in employment during these periods. Full details of how you can get support in work, if you have a disability or health condition, can be found on the Government website – here

You can find additional information from the Health and Safety Executive here:

Guidance for Employers

Guidance for Employees

At our 2011 Conference we were treated to an interesting talk from Steven Franks and Janet West of Action for Blind which is now part of RNIB. You can view the video of their talk below: