Contact lens tolerance

Recently a number of our members have experienced problems when supplied with new scleral contact lenses. Such was the concern that we asked members for feedback in our Spring 2022 Newsletter.

We recently hosted one of our occasional KC Coffee mornings and were fortunately joined by one of the leading optometrists in the Moorfields Contact Lens Department namely, Aneel Suri. He informed us of a new coating that can be bonded to some (but not all) hard contact lens materials. Its availability is increasing and hopefully by the year end it will be available for the majority of RGP and scleral lens materials in use in the UK.

The coating is called “Hydra-peg” and was developed by a company called Tangible Science. You may want to draw your optician’s attention to it if you are experiencing problems with lens wettability which can cause poor vision and comfort primarily in scleral lenses. It will not address any discomfort caused by ill-fitting lenses. You can read about it – here