New eye hospital for Edinburgh

Sight Scotland has organised a petition for a new eye hospital in Edinburgh to replace the existing one, which is crumbling away. The following is a quote from their website:

The Scottish Government’s 2024-25 budget made no mention of a new eye hospital – despite the current building being declared unfit for purpose in 2014.

10 years later, and we’re still no further forward.

A new eye hospital in Edinburgh was promised by the Scottish Government in 2018, yet 5 years on, the opening has been delayed further. 

The Scottish Government withdrew funding from the project in December 2020, and have since flip-flopped back and forth on their commitment to it. In 2021, former First Minster Nicola Sturgeon declared it would go ahead but gave no timescales for its completion.

Over 180,000 people across Scotland are estimated to live with sight loss and this number is set to grow. Every single one of these individuals deserves access to quality eye healthcare. We can’t wait any longer.

Show your support and sign the petition for a new eye hospital.