Message from the Editor

Help others benefit from your experience. There are two major difficulties with Keratoconus:

a) No one has heard of it or can even pronounce the name

b) You never meet anyone with the condition.

That is why ‘Member Stories’ are so important. We all have different needs and find a variety of coping strategies. Stories can be a useful way of getting the message across to friends, family members, teachers, and employers. It may be something as simple as sitting with your back to a window. How can a teacher understand that a light adjacent to a blackboard can completely obliterate what is written on it? Or the worst, why don’t you wear a pair of glasses?

A simple story or illustration may be all that is needed to completely change someone’s perspective. How can another person appreciate that you could drive home quite legally after a day’s work, take your contact lenses out and become technically blind and incapable of crossing a road safely?

If you have a Keratoconus story to tell, I would love to hear from you.