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Keratoconus News – health & wellbeing

German Study Provides Insight to Prevalence The Gutenberg Health Study (GHS) is a long-term, population-based investigation following more than 12,000 adults living in the Rhine Valley.

Keratoconus may be associated with ADHD in male patients, according to a study recently published in November 2023.  The study examined the prevalence of anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), autism and ADHD in participants with versus without keratoconus.

Corneal Allogenic Intrastromal Ring Segments (CAIRS) is an alternative treatment option that has demonstrated impressive results with the reduced risk of complications and improved biocompatibility. Keratoconus & Mental Wellness The Save Sight Institute in Sydney, Australia, reviewed 31 articles published in the last 2 decades examining the impact of keratoconus on mental health.

Man-made synthetic materials and blue light A team of University of Ottawa researchers and their collaborators have  shown  when a novel light-activated material pulsed with low-energy blue light can effectively reshape and thicken damaged corneal tissue, promoting healing and recovery.

Keratoconus News – in the know

Michaela Strachan, the well-known television show host  best known for presenting several BBC wildlife programs such as Spring Watch alongside Chris Packham.  She disclosed on Instagram in August  2021 that, “After 15 yrs of wearing hard contact lenses for an eye condition called Keratoconus, I’ve now been prescribed soft lenses and only now need for my right eye.” Announcing her news, she said she was thrilled by the “game changer”, the she excitedly shared this update.

Mona Jethwa played a lot rugby in her teens, but when she was diagnosed with keratoconus at 18 she said she “wrote sport off completely.”  At 36, she got involved in visually impaired rugby in early 2023. Despite being nervous and going through the rules on the way to the field, loved the session.  Ms Jethwa said it was “crushing” having to give up sport, with it affecting her mental health and self-worth, but she is now the happiest she is been, making the most of what she can do.