Conference videos 2018

KC Group Conference, 2018

Around 100 members attended the one day conference held in London on 15th September.


David Gable and John Thatcher introduce the conference, which in 2018 was held in the Friends Meeting House in Birmingham city centre.
Mr. Amit Patel‘s talk. Entitled Improving the Keratoconus Patient Experience, he explains the work he’s doing to make KC patients’ lives easier in the hospital system.
Audience Q&A with Amit Patel.

Waheeda Illahi‘s talk at the 2018 UK Keratoconus Self-Help and Support Group conference held in Birmingham.
Audience Q&A with Waheeda Illahi
Mary Bairstow‘s talk at the Keratoconus Group conference in 2018.  Better use of eyesight.
Michele Acton
Dr. Rubina Ahmed

Stephanie Campbell‘s talk at the Keratoconus Group conference in 2018. Keratoconus Service Design – Patients as Experts.
Closing comments