contact lens cost

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contact lens cost

Postby StefaniaT » Wed 07 Jun 2017 6:18 pm

Hi, my name is Stefania, I have been working in UK since last October. I moved from I taly where I alway pay for visits, cross-linking, contact lens, but not for
A corneal transplant in my right eye, where now I can wear a soft len. This is not possible for my left eye, still affected by Keratocunus, where I need a rigid len. I would like to know which hospital is the best here, I am living in East Sussex, for this problem and if I will have to pay for contact lens.

Thanks a lot.

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Anne Klepacz
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Re: contact lens cost

Postby Anne Klepacz » Thu 08 Jun 2017 9:47 am

Hi Stefania and welcome.
The hospitals that see a lot of people with keratoconus so have a lot of expertise are the Royal Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead and the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton, though other people in the area might have other suggestions for you. You'd need to ask your GP to refer you. Contact lenses aren't free here either, but they are cheaper for those like us who have a clinical need for them. The NHS rate is around £55 per lens and that covers any changes of prescription in a 12 month period. I hope that helps.

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