KC Coffee Morning Special

Members who attended our 2018 Conference will be aware of Dr Stephanie Campbell’s passion for improving the service provision for Keratoconus patients. She currently occupies a very influential position helping the authorities in Wales redesign their service pathway following the recent success in getting them to provide Cross-Linking (CXL).

Stephanie understands the fluctuating and inconsistent problems Keratoconus imposes on those affected and the need for a much wider holistic approach to service provision.

We have offered Stephanie the opportunity to use our KC Coffee Morning as a focus group to find out exactly what we need and desire from the Health Service.

This is an ideal opportunity to convert your ideas into health care policy.

Wherever you live in the UK you can help by arming Stephanie with facts and anecdotes to help her in the fight to get better provision for people with Keratoconus.

Our Coffee mornings provide a good opportunity for those newly diagnosed to meet seasoned travellers and discuss all things KC. Anyone with an interest in Keratoconus is free to join us.

To take part, simply send an email to Chair@kcgroup.org.uk to request a link.