London Speaker Meeting and AGM

Our London Speaker Meeting and AGM will take place on on Saturday 23rd March, 2019 at 11:00am in the lecture theatre of the Moorfields Clinical Tutorial Unit which is now located at 15 Ebenezer Street, N1 7NP (go up Provost Street which is across the road from the main hospital and you’ll find 15 Ebenezer Street on the next corner).

Our guest speaker is Alison Hardcastle, Professor of Molecular Genetics at the Institute of Ophthalmology Faculty of Brain Sciences,  who will talk about the Moorfields genetic study.

Here is her research summary published by UCL INSTITUTE OF OPHTHALMOLOGY:

The complexity of genetic eye diseases is unprecedented. The research focus of our lab is inherited eye disease, from gene discovery to defining cellular function through to development of potential therapies. Our molecular genetic, functional and phenotypic studies have continually resulted in new discoveries that influence patient care. We have defined genetic mechanisms of disease and function of disease proteins in the retina, lens, cornea and developing eye, and have harnessed technological advances in next generation sequencing and stem cell biology to address our research questions.  Read more…

This promises to be a fascinating talk followed by our usual Q & A.  This is a unique opportunity to ask and listen to questions relating to practical issues encountered by fellow members.

There will be a finger buffet, free of charge, where you can continue exchanging your Keratoconus experiences.