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Re: Make up & KC

Postby ce2-batson » Mon 15 Jun 2009 6:09 am

I have been using a great eye make up remover for a number of years - it is like water and will not sting the eyes at all. It is made by Bioderma, and is from their sensitive range - Sensibio H2O - and according to their website "guarantees excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance (tested under opthalmological supervision)"

I started using it before I was diagnosed with KC, but continued to use it after my Intacs were put in and it has been great. When I last tried, you couldn't buy it in the UK, just Google it and you will find a seller in Europe. Best thing is its not at all expensive - around £8/10 per bottle as I recall, and its not just for eyes but the whole face.

For foundation that is waterproof and won't come off with your eye drops, try a mineral based foundation. I use Coverfx (only available from Harvey Nichs am afraid - they will deliver). Not cheap but stays on all day, even through a Spin class and it contains no clay etc so it very gentle on the skin and round the eyes. You need to buy the matching powder with it as this 'sets' it, and again has no clay etc. They have a website too, very useful.


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