Optician doesnt seem interested in fitting me properly. How do i switch ?

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Optician doesnt seem interested in fitting me properly. How do i switch ?

Postby Jlee1905 » Sun 28 Mar 2021 7:22 pm


So first of my optician has me with a hybrid lens in my left eye which is the worse eye, which improves vision but doesnt perfect it. And he has me with soft toric lenses in my right eye, the right eye mostly corrects my vision but since my last hospital checkup which was quite a while ago my right eye has now aquired some ghosting which the toric lenses cant correct. Ive explained this to my optician but he will only give me the option between 2 strengths of toric lenses neither of which actually reduce the ghosting at all. Being someone who loves watching movies and cant stand seeing the imperfections its quite upsetting to have an optician that just seems to want to make a quick buck (as he also sees me at his private practice which he owns and sometimes it feels as though some of his methods of prescribing lenses are the most cost effective way for him to make money). So im wondering if anyone has any experience in switching hospital opticians as ive completely lost faith in mine, either he is really bad at his job or he is just super lazy and when it comes to my vision i would prefer it be someone whos passionate about eyesight that is taking care of my eyes. Also does anyone have any idea about how we get an appointment at the hospital for a proper progression check since my hospital cancelled all appointments at the start of last year and i havent heard anything from them since, they also have no phone number to get directly in touch with them.

Thanks for any replies .

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