Can I make my PC screen easier to read?

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Can I make my PC screen easier to read?

Postby John Smith » Wed 05 Apr 2006 7:58 am

Can I make my PC screen easier to read?

A side effect of KC, is that we see multiple images (ghosts), and with that, the sometimes blocky PC fonts can be difficult to read.

What we really need is a high resolution - but that means smaller text by default. The trick is to "go large" with the text as well.

In Windows XP:

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Display (or right-click on a blank bit of desktop and choose "Properties")

Go to the Settings tab, and drag the Screen Resolution slider to the right.

Still on the Settings tab, click the "Advanced" button.

The "DPI" setting will then increase the size of all Windows elements by the amount you set.

You do need to be careful though, as a reboot is sometimes required; and one or two applications won't behave very well with large fonts set. But well over 95% do.

Other operating systems generally have the same features available.

Another tip which some people find useful is to play with the colours.

If your monitor has a "colour temperature" setting (most flat-panel displays have a that feature, and some higher-end "CRT" monitors do too), that will tint the screen different shades of white, some of which may prove more restful. Try turning the brightness down too (you may need to increase the contrast to compensate).

Finally, you can adjust the colours in the operating system itself, but that is often a pain to do.

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