Variety of services

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Would you value a UK wide clinical audit of services for KC sufferers?

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Variety of services

Postby Andrew MacLean » Wed 25 Feb 2004 5:06 pm

I've been shaken to learn how much variance there is across the country in the provision for people with KC. I guess I'm lucky to live close to a big teaching hospital with a well established contact lens clinic and a dedicated cornea clinic.

The Contact lens clinic at Gartnavel has been wonderful for me, never giving up in the face of repeated failures of my eyes to accept different sorts of lens. When my right eye was beyond help they passed me on to the cornea specialist who performed a graft, leaving my right eye completely pain free with the prospect of my recovering sight in time.

I hear of other people who suffer terrible pain, with an apparent "take it or leave it" attitude on the part of their Contact Lens specialists. At the Scottish Group we decided to press for a clinical audit in Scotland of services for people with visual problems in general and KC sufferers in particular. Does anyone from other parts of the UK think a similar exercise would be of help in their area?
Andrew MacLean

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