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NHS or private for Keratoconus contact lenses?

Posted: Fri 04 Jun 2021 7:44 pm
by London123
Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with KC back in the summer of 2017. After a period of monitoring the progress of the condition, I decided to go ahead with CXL at the advice of my ophthalmologist. Its been about a year since CXL was carried out on both of my eyes.

The problem that I am now having is that I find that glasses do not do much to improve my vision. I am therefore looking at contact lenses. Can someone who is familiar with the process advise on whether I should go through the NHS (I could get a referral to Moorfields through my GP) or whether I should look at private opticians specialising in Keratoconus? Obviously, the NHS route would save me a significant amount of money but I am worried about the long waiting times (especially with Moorfields) and the lack of individual attention which you usually receive in the private sector. Would the NHS be willing to subsidise the cost of my contacts if I decide to go to a private optician if I can present a HC2 certificate?

Thanks for the help.

Re: NHS or private for Keratoconus contact lenses?

Posted: Fri 04 Jun 2021 8:54 pm
by RedOnion
I get my contacts via a private ophthalmologist but funded by NHS, this was following a referral by the hospital. Did you get your CXL on the NHS or privately? My CXL was private but all follow up is on the NHS. May be worth speaking to your ophthalmologist.