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Posted: Sun 19 Jul 2015 6:18 am
by higgy5150
Sufferer for over 20 years - have one fitted lens only in my left eye. No fit for right or for Glasses.
In Cardiff and go to the Hospital there. Would love to have glasses I can read and drive with!
Irritation of late as lasted longer than usual; a couple if weeks. Prescribed drops but cannot wear lens with the medication.
Any ideas to move forward welcome?
Few years back advised against cornea graft...
Fed up of the feeling and discolourment evident...

Re: Irritation

Posted: Sun 19 Jul 2015 4:05 pm
by Lia Williams
Hi Higgy,

Do you know what is causing the irritation? I wonder if you are becoming contact lens intolerant. It could be that a different lens might help. Over the years I've had some RGP lenses that appeared to be a good fit but my eye would complain whereas with a different design of RGP I could wear all day.

What type of lens do you wear in your left eye? If it is an RGP you could ask if you could piggyback it. I piggyback both my RGPs. Prior to piggybacking I would wear my right lens daily for a couple of weeks or so before it became intolerable. Piggybacking means that I can wear the lens for 15 hours a day.

As for glasses it may be worth finding out if glasses can be of any help. I was certainly lead to believe that glasses were of no use to me but was pleasantly surprised to discover I could could get some vision from a pair. Obviously it depends how bad your unaided vision is but you may be able to have glasses that are an improvement over your unaided vision even if they are not suitable for driving.