Does KC return post graft?

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Does KC return post graft?

Postby GarethB » Tue 28 Mar 2006 6:35 pm

Does Keratoconus return post graft?

In all honesty the chances are extremely remote. This is in part to the improved screening or corneas that are donated, the rarity of KC and the improved mapping of the corneal surface so the surgeon knows how much to replace.

Where Keratoconus has returned, thegrafts are all greater than 10 years post graft, most actually 15 - 20 years post graft.

I have yet to find references to corneal topography being used pre-graft, so as to how much cornea to replace was an educated guess based on experience back then.

Screening has improved and I think the number of people who have joined this site after going for laser eye correction and then finding they have KC backs this up. KC can be detected so much earlier, so the chances of getting a cornea being donated prone to develop KC has been greatly reduced.

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