Will I go blind

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Will I go blind

Postby Andrew MacLean » Tue 28 Mar 2006 3:38 pm

Lots of people find this forum just after they have received a diagnosis of Keratoconus. They come with many questions, but mostly they want to know

Will I go blind?

The simple answer is that Keratoconus can lead to a form of legal blindness that is sometimes called "Corneal blindness", and is due to scarring of the cornea. This is rare, and the sight of very few people with Keratoconus ever deteriorates to this level.

But, even if you do become legally blind, do not panic! There is help available. Your ophthalmologist may register you as a blind person. If that happens then your local authority's support team for sensory impairement will become involved and all sorts of help will be provided.
Andrew MacLean

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