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Posted: Mon 08 Aug 2011 11:11 am
by delboy
i just wanted to share, i recently got a Kindle reader, As you know reading can be a problem from a sight/KC point of view, I must say that the kindle is great, not only can you carry numerous books but you can change the type face size and font style. My concentration levels have improved as well as less eye ache. anyone else got a kindle? :-)
maybe the KC group could approach Amazon to see if they would do a deal on them for KC community?

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Posted: Tue 09 Aug 2011 6:16 am
by Andrew MacLean
I've not got a Kindle, but I use my iPhone as a reader. The one draw back is that I have to turn the page rather more often than I would with a Kindle or iPad.

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Posted: Fri 28 Oct 2011 10:13 am
by Anna Mason
Hi Guys I have used Kindle on my Android phone and I have just bought myself the new Kindle4.
It’s the first time in several years I have been able to read properly (I usually guess a lot of words) or screw my eyes up.
Last night I took it to bed and read without my lenses. This normally involves reading by wiping my nose across the page and I end up with eye strain. Not so with this.
Increasing text size is easy it doesn’t have a keyboard but I find the onscreen one far clearer than the keyboard version as the letters are far more readable black on white.
(Just a side note I would like to murder the so and so’s that think the guides on tvs and DVD should be a comibination of black and grey!!!! Or even dark grey on light grey)
It has an internet interface of sorts which is not really very readable for me but I didn’t buy it for that I have my phone and laptop for those. Facebook was a joke in shades of grey.
Cost wise I think £89 is fair but you only get a USB cable with it. My Sony phone charger is the same so I didn’t need to buy one and you can charge over your PC usb port.
Amazon £89 charger offer £8.99 instead of £16.99

PC world obviously same price but charger full price however you get a £10 voucher. I hate extended warranties but PC world do an instant replacement warranty which I initially rejected and had knocked down to £12 for a 3 year warranty which seemed ok to me.

Reading the reviews on Amazon someone said it was difficult to change font size – Not its easy an idiot can do it (me)
Someone else said they couldn’t connect over the inbuilt Wireless interface well it took me 10 minutes 9 minutes of which was finding my folder I keep the card in and one minute typing and double checking then connected in 2 secs.

The instruction book with it is about 2 lines so the first thing I did when I powered it up was sat and read the inbuilt instructions so as a Meerkat would say Simples.

So here I am one really happy bunny!

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Posted: Sun 30 Oct 2011 7:58 am
by GrandPaClanger
Agreed the Kindle is a fantastic bit of kit. Great that you can read it outdoors as well so it's great for holidays. Reading it in poor lighting is a no go as it is not back lit. I am lucky enough to have an IPad so I use the kindle App on that at night. All the devices talk to each other so which ever one I pick up its at the same place in the book :D


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Posted: Sun 30 Oct 2011 9:14 am
by Anna Mason
Have trouble with backlit which is why I went for kindle I can read in bed with a lamp beside me. Going to look at the little clip on lights but at the moment "Yeeha" sat and read in my conservatory yesterday the light from the sky (glass roof) can be very glary it was so cool but now I need some solid advice. I have spent so long screwing my eyes up to read I need to know how to get out of the habit.

When I suddenly realised just how long it is since reading a book has been fun it makes me quite sad.

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Posted: Sun 02 Sep 2012 11:41 pm
by pam39
I love my kindle, so easy to use. I have a little clip on light that is good for reading in bed with just the lamp on. I love the fact that that I can change the font size it was getting more difficult to read books but I am reading much more since I bought my kindle. I can have a new book at my fingertips, they download from Amazon so quickly. I would be lost without it now. I was recently using the Kindle app on the iPad for reading at night when I broke my clip on light and that was good too but I do prefer the kindle to the iPad as a reader.

Pam :D