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baby arrived

Posted: Thu 12 Apr 2007 11:28 am
by cherishu2
just to let you all know, Millie arrived on tuesday morning at 7.31am. weight 7lb 11oz.
all went well and only in labour for 3 hrs tops.

baby healthy and well.
and i feel better now knowing i can cope even with the sight probs cus it dd worry me.
love trace

Posted: Thu 12 Apr 2007 12:23 pm
by Andrew MacLean


Rose-petals, pure, unfolding form the bud.
A life conceived in love and mystery.
A new-born child, arriving on the scene,
Awaiting, now, your hour of destiny!
Encumbered as we are, with doubts and fears,
What can we promise you, in future years?

In spite of all the progress we have made -
Which benefits our life's amenities -
This world has nothing new to offer you
Except the many opportunities
That each day brings to be transformed, somehow,
Into the full and ever lasting now.

Each Yesterday, by Time's relentless Loom,
Is weaved into oblivion's tapestry.
The past, by Lethe's rapid stream, must be
Carried, away to the Eternal Sea.
And every Tomorrow shall pass this way,
Most surely, through the doorway of Today.

Our hopes and prayers all are strongly bound
That you may live as we now live and more:
To glean the richest harvest from the years.
To gather golden fruit from wisdom's lore.
That you may yet achieve life's purpose true!
That fortune's beaming face shall smile on you!



Posted: Thu 12 Apr 2007 1:02 pm
by Lesley Foster
Andrew, what a lovely poem.

Cherishu2, congratulations on the safe arrival of Millie. Good luck to you all.


Posted: Thu 12 Apr 2007 1:24 pm
by lou

well done Trace (3 hrs)

Enjoy the special times ahead

with luv to you all

Emma xxx

Posted: Fri 13 Apr 2007 3:35 pm
by ChrisK
Congratulations and welcome to the world Millie.

When you're up to it you'll have to post a picture. :D

Posted: Fri 13 Apr 2007 6:42 pm
by cherishu2
have printed that poem out its lovely thank you.
Thank you peeps.

it was a lovely birth as far as birth can be anyhow.I had people saying prayers during the birth im sure it helped make it so smooth.