suggest regarding Keratoconus

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suggest regarding Keratoconus

Postby vrvarma » Fri 05 Jul 2013 7:51 am

My son is 10 years old,having problem with Keratoconus to his left eye from March 2013,we consulted Doctors in L V P E I,Hyderabad,India.They Suggested Medicines at this stage, after curing of whiteness on cornea,they suggested of Placing "Hard lens" to relief from stress as they prevent water coming out of eye.we have a doubt regarding at which age this lens are suggestible?At which age Cornea Transplantation is suggestible will there be any side affects after transplantation? is Transplantation is 100% successful?
At present Right Eye is good,but doctors warned right eye has chances for same problem.what care should be taken to keep right eye not getting affected?

Please recommend some good Institutes having better cure for Keratoconus for a 10 years old child

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Anne Klepacz
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Re: suggest regarding Keratoconus

Postby Anne Klepacz » Fri 05 Jul 2013 8:56 am

Hello vrvarma and welcome to the forum.
What you describe - whiteness on the cornea and water - suggests that your son has had a hydrops episode, where the back of the cornea tears. This sometimes happens with keratoconus and eventually heals naturally, although it can take several months. In the UK, I don't think specialists would fit a hard contact lens until the hydrops has healed. Lenses are used to improve the vision, not to relieve the stress of hydrops. And the vision often changes as the hydrops heals so it isn't until that process has finished that you'll know what the best prescription is. There isn't really an age when contact lenses are recommended - it depends on whether the vision can be improved with glasses or whether only a contact lens will give good enough vision.
A corneal transplant is normally only done if contact lenses can no longer correct the vision so it would be very rare to do this for someone as young as your son. Corneal transplants for keratoconus have a high success rate, but most people still need contact lenses or glasses after a transplant and I'm afraid that no surgical procedure has a 100% success rate - there are always risks. So a transplant is usually only done when there aren't any other alternatives.
As for the right eye, apart from making sure your son doesn't rub his eyes, I don't think there are any other steps you can take. But keratoconus usually affects one eye more than the other, and will often stay mild in the other eye. If the right eye does start to progress, then a procedure called collagen crosslinking can be used to halt the progression.
As for other centres for keratoconus, we're a UK site, so don't know about provision in India. But some of our members who regularly go to India may have suggestions (and if you put India into the search on the general discussion forum, I think you'll find a few).
I've taken out the e-mail address you included in your post - we recommend forum users not to post their e-mails here as you're likely to get inundated with spam!
I hope some of this helps.
All the best

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