Cross Linking Post Procedure and Ulcers

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Re: Cross Linking Post Procedure and Ulcers

Postby CrippsCorner » Tue 11 Nov 2014 7:07 pm

Corneal recovery after CXL

Continuous healing process:

• Epithelial cells regeneration ‐ 4 days
• Abnormal or delayed epithelial healing
• Epithelial layers remodelling – first months
• Corneal nerves recovery – 6 months


• Hybrid CL are an effective option for vision
restoration shortly after CXL
• UH design demonstrated less deleterious
influence on corneal integrity
• Patients should be in the best ocular
surface condition before CL fitting
• Avoidance of contact with the treated zone
is crucial for normal corneal recovery ... 0paper.pdf

Ian Miller
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Re: Cross Linking Post Procedure and Ulcers

Postby Ian Miller » Fri 14 Nov 2014 6:05 pm

Hi Tez,

I think how long you have to leave lenses out may partially depend on whether you had epi-on, or epi-off CXL. It's a few years since I had epi-on, but from memory I think I was able to wear my hard lens (Rose K2) for short periods within 3(ish), maybe 4 weeks of the procedure. However I definitely had to build up tolerance again, and couldn't go straight back into a full days wear.

Thankfully in my case, work was reasonably understanding, and I was able to get lifts to/from work until I could wear the lens for a full day.

If your lens is really uncomfortable, I think it's definitely worth trying to see, or at least speak to your consultant again, as suggested by Anne.

All the best.


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