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Keratoconus: Yes, I have KC


Postby Stephen111 » Wed 20 Jun 2012 10:41 am

Hello my name is Steve I have keratoconus I was first told about it wen I wea round 10 years of age so I went the drama of haveing surgery the ending up doing both eyes I am from new Zealand so during the years my eye started to gt bad again but I just carried on doing wat I can I am now forty years of age and have worn glasses all my life so now I have moved to Australia with my family and I have been here for nearly three years now and I have just recently had surgery again on my left eye umm according to the doc both eye have to be done but in the mean time I'm haveing trouble wearing contacts for he first time and I need help cause I am really nervous to put then I but I need it to work how can I make things easier

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Keratoconus: Yes, I have KC
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Re: Contacts

Postby Anne Klepacz » Wed 20 Jun 2012 2:52 pm

Hello Steve and welcome to the forum,
What surgery have you had done? And what kind of contact lenses have you been prescribed? I don't know much about the system in Australia, but here optometrists are usually very good at making sure people are comfortable putting their lenses in and taking them out when they are first prescribed. If your contact lens practitioner didn't give you a chance to have some supervised practice, could you go back and ask for it? There is also a KC association similar to this one in Australia You might get some tips there on optometrists who specialise in KC.

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