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Ulcer on eye

Posted: Wed 02 Nov 2011 1:33 pm
by gill501
Well apparently I have an ulcer or an abrasion on my bad eye I found out this morning. Things had been going well with the Clearkone lens I have been trying, it's fits great and is comfortable (albeit the prescription is poor with only very minimal improvement in my eyesight). I went for a routine fitting checkup this morning and the optom noticed a different prescription and used the yellow dye to check my eye and found something.
I am not sure how this happened, it is not sore, although both eyes have been itchy, watery and sensitive in the last week during which time i've had a bad cold. Optom has me a little worried as she has insisted I return on Saturday to have it checked again. She has kept my lens as I can't wear it, also prescribed me with Chloramphenicol antibiotic drops and Clinitas Hydrate drops for moisturising until then.
Has anyone had anything like this? How does it occur? How long does it take to clear? Will there be any lasting effects to my bad eye?



Re: Ulcer on eye

Posted: Wed 02 Nov 2011 5:15 pm
by Anne Klepacz
Hi Gill,
I suspect corneal ulcers differ as much as people with KC do! But for what it's worth, I developed a corneal ulcer some years ago. I'd got a bit of grit behind the lens which refused to float off even though my eye was watering like mad. And stupidly, because I was in a meeting, I didn't take my lens out and hoped the bit of dust would eventually go away. By the time I did take the lens out, a few hours later, I realised something was wrong and took myself off to Moorfields A&E who immediately told me I'd got an ulcer and told me to leave the lens out for at least a week. I couldn't believe how quickly it had happened. All ended happily - after a week it had gone and left no effects. But I've learnt my lesson and now take out the lens to remove any bits straightaway. It's so easy to get an abrasion, which can so quickly turn into an ulcer.
I hope yours clears as quickly as mine did.