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Trying ClearKone Lenses Now

Posted: Wed 14 Sep 2011 4:21 pm
by gill501
Hi all,

well after trying two different types of lens of the past 3 months I am now going on to my third type and I hope i'll be third time lucky.
I've had the hard RGP lens, then came the Piggy-Back with a soft lens under the RGP and after having a rough time with both of those my Optometrist has now suggested I try a ClearKone lens.
I tried a few of them in her practise today and first impressions were that the comfort of it was brilliant, could hardly feel it all compared to the original RGP lens. The vision was a bit blurry and an odd sensation feeling but I'm told this could be due to the size and fit and that there may be a bubble underneath it. I am having one made for me and should have it in about 2 weeks.
So what opinions or advice do you all have about these lenses? I have a good feeling about the comfort but I am sceptical about what my vision will be like with it. (My close up vision was poor with the first two lenses, text on computer screens and phones was blurry) Has anyone found their vision gets better once their eye gets used to the lens as you increase the wear?

Look forward to any comments. Thanks,


Re: Trying ClearKone Lenses Now

Posted: Thu 15 Sep 2011 6:07 am
by Andrew MacLean

Years ago (I think I was 36) I found that, while my lenses provided good distance vision, my short vision was pretty poor.

I took myself along to my optometrist.

He smiled and said, "You need reading glasses, what do you expect at your age?"

Slightly irked to be told that I was getting older I retorted, "A bit of civility from my optician". I did let him prescribe reading glasses and found the difference amazing.


Re: Trying ClearKone Lenses Now

Posted: Sun 18 Sep 2011 8:22 am
by gill501
Andrew, your reply made me laugh. Not laugh at you but the realisation that you make so much sense! I've been so concerned with just trying to get a contact lens to fit comfortably and give me my 20/20 vision vision back that I forgot that I'm getting a little older (32 now oooft! Lol)
I will see how my short sighteness is when my new lens arrives and if still not great then I guess a trip to back to the optometrist is in order!
Thanks for your reply.

Re: Trying ClearKone Lenses Now

Posted: Mon 19 Sep 2011 8:59 pm
Hi Gill,

have sent you a reply to a post I submitted last month - haven't been on for a wee while sorry.

Hope you get on better with these lenses, its a nightmare trying to find something that suits!!

have a look at my RGP questions post for my very late answer to your post.

However, you may already be at same optom as me, just going by the fact they are willing to try different lenses!! My last optician - when I posted last was specsavers, now at Kilgours.

Best of luck

Kirst x