Solutions and lens Issue (Kerasoft)

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Solutions and lens Issue (Kerasoft)

Postby jayboi2005 » Fri 02 Sep 2011 10:53 pm

Well it has been a very long time since i have been around these forums, almost 3 years now.

I gave up, trying to get help with my vision it became a huge problem with all the faffing about that the local clinic was doing I have to say from my experience they are an awful hospital.

So my vision got bad, i found 3 years later i needed something now it just wouldnt do ignoring things anymore. I went along to my GP and got a referral to the Manchester Eye Hospital. A good hour from my home, but GOSH! What an amazing hospital. It has its down falls, but its NEW! State of the art, fast and efficient and most of all welcoming and friendly. Easy to access, travel and great support. Its a shame they are not all like this.

Well i entered my appointent stating that i desired Kerasoft lenses only, i was not willing to attempt or trial any form of RGP or other lens. I have been there and done that, did not see the point. I ended up never wearing the lenses.

3 Months of trying to fit a Kerasoft lens to my eye, no luck! They got the lens to fit ... send it away to be made add the power. Place it in my eye ... BANG cant see a thing ! Enough was enough ... an amazing lady called Judy came to the hospital from Ultravision (Kerasoft) insisting that these lenses are made for this condition and they work. Right she was, it took 2 and a half hours with me ! But these lenses work, i can see ! Its not amazing but i get good vision.

Problem Solved i Thought


I realised i cannot afford the solutions, due to circumstance and still being a poor student haha its not possible. I spoke to the hospital about solutions their policy is no. My GP said he would love to, but cant. The PCT said NO. So i have lenses which i need, that i cannot afford to sustain. This is problem A i have no idea what to do about that.


I have had the lenses for 3 weeks, they have turned YELLOW and getting darker and darker. The hospital enforce i have a 12 month lens. Even though i was told i can get this lens in a 3 month version by Ultravision it just costs more. I called the nice lady Jude from Ultravision to ask why are my lenses turning yellow. After a long call and a confirmation of all the medication i take she hit the nail. A really common problem, some medications turn these lenses yellow and it only gets worse. They absorb some of the chemicals from the drugs via your eyes. Strange but its true.

I now have to try and explain to the Hospital who dont seem to be aware of this situation that i need a 3 month lens due to this reason as ifi keep this for 12 months there will be enough drugs in these lenses to sell them on the street. I think the problem is they hospital do not want to spend money every 12 weeks appose to every 52 weeks.


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Re: Solutions and lens Issue (Kerasoft)

Postby Anne Klepacz » Sat 03 Sep 2011 8:36 am

Hello Jaiboi - it's great to see you back after all this time! The difference you've found between going to a small local hospital and one in a large city is something several people here have experienced. The problem is that local hospitals often don't see many people with KC, and so it's not cost effective for them to have the full range of lenses for the condition. It's also harder for them to build up the expertise in dealing with KC. So it's often better to go to a large clinic where there will be more options.
I hope you'll find an answer so that you can wear your new lenses.
All the best

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