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Eddie S
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Lens recommendations

Postby Eddie S » Fri 10 Jun 2011 8:27 am


Long time since i've been on the forum - apologies for my absence!

I've been in SoftPerm lenses for years after it took my optometrist years to find a lens that would suit me. I went through the usual "wow, it looks great on your eye, the fit is amazing" only to be in real pain 2 hours later. I even had a specialist who was visiting from the US see my eyes because I was turning into a "problem customer" and he did the same, got a perfect fit that 2 hours later had me screaming to get them out.

Eventually my optometrist (NHS) tried me on SoftPerm lenses. Finally I could wear a lens for the whole day and not feel like I'd been beaten up by the end. However, my optometrist wasn't the happiest (and it turns out, subsequent optometrists take the same view) because the oxygen permeability of SoftPerm lenses is low compared to other lenses.

It wasn't a problem though - I was happy to have regular checkups and would always follow the advice she gave me - especially when I overused them and ended up with dry eyes.

These days I have a set of intacs in my right eye so I have to wear a lens less and less. However, I have my checkup on Monday and have recently found out that SoftPerm lenses are no longer produced.

After all that ramble, a question. Does anyone suggest a lens I could try. I have tried Kerasoft but although I could get comfort I couldn't get the level of vision I achieve with SoftPerm (and that I need to be legal to drive).

I've been recommended SynergEyes KC but not sure if these are US only lenses. Any idea?

Hope all is good with everyone. Look forward to any replies.

Ed :)
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Anne Klepacz
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Re: Lens recommendations

Postby Anne Klepacz » Fri 10 Jun 2011 9:21 am

Hi Eddie and welcome back!
And it's good to know that your Intac is working well for you. Synergeyes is the lens that's replaced the softperm and is available in the UK. If you put Synergeyes into the search on this forum, you'll find some posts from people who are using them or have tried them. As with all KC lenses, they seem to work well for some people and not for others. So it's a question of trying them to see how they suit you. The good thing is that there are more new lenses being developed for KC all the time, so at least there's more choice than there ever used to be.
Good luck!

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