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new to kera

Postby magpie » Tue 26 Jan 2010 4:59 am

My son has been diagnosed as kera patient. It began when he contracted astigmatism at 13 though it could earlier. He started wearing glasses at 13 and that is when it all started. As his vision gradually impiared over the years in secondary school, we had to resort to higher powered glasses as a temporary remedy. Last year, we had him go thru a comprehensive eye test and was informed as suffering from kera. We are by and large, very new to this ordeal and would appreciate the support from forum readers for us to manage it in the best possible way. I am particularly interested in the cause of kera. My son is the only one suffering from NUT ALLERGY. My other two children are fine. Whether there is any relationship or connection is a matter in need of further attention. It could be directly related or indirectly such as possible reaction to allergy medication. I aim to provide input to the current and would be researchers on this matter. We are being advised on two treatment i.e. cross linking and corneal rink insertion. Still unsure as all risks need to be considered as it concerns the EYE. Look forward to hear any experiences on the subject. Tq.

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Andrew MacLean
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Re: new to kera

Postby Andrew MacLean » Tue 26 Jan 2010 9:15 am

Hello magpie

Welcome to the forum. I think t hat your son's experience of keratoconus is not uncommon.

Please tell your son not to panic.

Like your son, I am the first member of my family ever to suffer from keratoconus. Many of us have allergies, but many others do not. Some think that there is a complex genetic cofactor in the development of keratoconus, others are less sanguine of this. There is no scientific consensus on the causes of keratoconus beyond a bland agreement that the development of the condition may need the combination of two or more possible co-factors.

Please tell your son about the forum, and invite him to join this band of fellow sufferers. Please also feel free to print off the leaflets etc that you will find from the forum's homepage.

Every good wish


Andrew MacLean

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