Sight not great anymore

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Re: Sight not great anymore

Postby gurdevb » Fri 11 Sep 2009 4:35 pm

Lynn White wrote:Actually .. let me jump in here guys...

They are talking about an op at the BACK of the eye so there may be more here than just KC. You have to remember that having KC does not automatically make you immune from other eye problems...

So gurdevb - what exactly did they say was wrong at the back of the eye? What you have told us is very vague and does not really relate to KC - unless you got the wrong end of the stick!


Thanks Lynn, I have just emailed you so hopefully you will pick that up.
I can confirm that my eyes (other than KC) are in pretty good condition and I don't suffer from headaches, etc (unless I have a few whislys that is lol).

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