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restitch and eye pressure

Posted: Sat 16 Feb 2008 11:12 am
by cherishu2
hi had graft oct. was going well.
eye pressure too high so have given me drops. that will hopefully work
they also so i need it restitching cos its too tight. it has also bulged at the top and rubs on my eyelids. really hurts too. they said its as if the graft has moved up the eye.
vision has gone downhill, to be expected i guess.
anyone else had a restitch i will have a general wont i.?

Re: restitch and eye pressure

Posted: Sat 16 Feb 2008 1:12 pm
by Andrew MacLean

I am so sorry to hear that things have gone a bit off curve for you, but I think that the re-stitch is not something that you need to worry about unduly.

I really do now know about a general, but if it is any help I had cataract surgery under a local, and it was fine. If you are very anxious tell your consultant. He will talk to you about the whole procedure and the way in which your eye will be anesthetized.

Meantime, I am sure that your IOP will respond quickly to the new drops.

All the best