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a question

Postby cherishu2 » Wed 07 Nov 2007 4:19 pm

my eye is sore one day and not the next is that expected ? then its sore again

i cant beleive the difference though. 2 weeks post graft and i have been libary to get normal print sizer books, and am thoroughly enjoying reading again. i have put my puter down to normal size text.

is it normal that my right eye now has no site not even the blobs i used to get?
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Re: a question

Postby Sweet » Wed 07 Nov 2007 7:24 pm

Hi there!

Yes, my eye can really hurt one day and not the next for no real reason! This was the same post graft so I don't think it has changed. Your vision will change with stitches being in, but if you have any worries it is best to get your eye looked at just to make sure things are ok.

Take it easy! :D
Sweet X x X


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