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Posted: Thu 06 Sep 2007 8:30 am
by Tigger
Hello everyone,

I must say that I was quite pleased to find a website and forum where people with KC have the opportunity to share their issues and stories with others. I am a 30 year old American with KC. It was discovered by my optometrist when I was 16 years old. I was fitted with a pair of RGP's at that time, and wore them for a little while. After just a few months, i could no longer wear the contact lenses because they hurt my eyes too much. I did not try to go and get a new prescription due to how expensive the lenses were, (at that time i paid $200 after insurance costs for the lenses.) I joined the army when i was 24 years old. They knew that i had the condition, but allowed me into the military. It is now almost 6 years later and I am now going to be separated from the military, because my vision has deteriorated, and I must now wear contact lenses AND glasses in order to have good vision. I have never considered myself to be disabled until the day i sat in front of the doctors and was told that I would be separated because of my condition. Honestly it makes me sad. But i think it is great that you guys have this website. I get alot of great information that I couldn't find elsewhere, (e.g personal experiences with surgeries etc) Thank you very much

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Posted: Thu 06 Sep 2007 9:18 am
by Andrew MacLean

Welcome to the forum.

I am sorry that your Military Career looks like it is coming to an end due to Keratoconus. On the upside, your keratoconus did not prevent you from giving 6 years service to your country.

Others here serve in the Armed Forces and I guess they will have a far greater understanding of the situation in which you find yourself.

All the best.


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Posted: Thu 06 Sep 2007 9:44 am
by Matthew_
Hi Tigger,
I remember Tigger "...had a particular way of saying 'how-do-you-do?' that tended to leave sand in one's ears!"

You are very welcome. I am sorry to hear about your Army career. I am a serving Naval Officer and Diver who, like you has had his career overshadowed by KC. On the other hand, the Navy is an excellent employer with regard to disability issues and indeed health care. In some ways, I have the opposite problem, the Navy is so good to me that I have decided to stay in as I will never be as well looked after by a civilian employer. My experience of American armed forces is much the same if not better, so I wouldn't be surprised if you could get a lot of support with lenses etc from the Army. I am also going through a Medical Board to decide my future. PM me if you want more background, our experiences may well be similar.

Best Regards

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Posted: Thu 06 Sep 2007 1:29 pm
by timtim
Welcome Tigger :)

Glad you found this site...I know I am! I'm sure it will help you a lot.

I'm sorry about the military, but I wish you the best in getting help with your eyes and getting much better eyesight.

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Posted: Thu 06 Sep 2007 4:10 pm
by Karl R
Hi Tigger and welcome

Can't the US Army not offer any form of medical treatment and or support, or at the very least (dare I say it) find you a desk job?

We have a few members in the UK armed services, and from their posts the Navy and Air Force have been very helpful in terms of medical treatment and in accommodating KC within a job.


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Posted: Fri 07 Sep 2007 8:10 am
by Tigger
Let me say that the army does provide me with great medical care. That is one of the main reasons that I want to stay in. I was sent to a specialist to determine whether or not I should recieve a corneal transplant and was told by the opthamologist that my corneas were still stable enough to support contact lens wear and I should only receive transplant once contacts were no longer an option. If I were to receive the transplant, I would have to pay nothing out of pocket. Since I am restricted to contact lens wear, it puts limitations on my ability to deploy, due to the eye hazards during deployment, and the not-so-sanitary conditions.

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Posted: Fri 07 Sep 2007 9:08 pm
by mike scott
Hi Tigger
Welcome to our merry forum

Sorry to here that your having problems that may affect your career, the challenge of KC is to focus on the things you can acheive and push those boundaries rather than focus on what you cant acheive.
As one door closes another one opens, often unexpectedly.
Good luck to you mate and stay well