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Postby Matthew_ » Thu 28 Jun 2007 4:41 pm

I can't see Keratoconics needing contact lenses as growth industry, do you? KC is too rare to consider commercial exploitation as a motive for not curing it.

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Postby tommy.dean » Thu 28 Jun 2007 7:46 pm

Your probley right on the contacts thing but desisions are being made that arn't in the best interest for KC'ers the nhs hospital i used to be under told me last month that the nhs had pulled the funding on laser correction for post graft patients two years ago, which is just a slap in the face really when keratoconus shouldn't be treated with penetrating keratoplastys anyway, like i said there many things but just pure ignorance towards our disease by the nhs is the main thing.

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Re: The truth shall set you free

Postby Stubdoo » Sat 10 Nov 2007 11:25 pm

Hi Tom, i think what you are saying is very interesting, you mentioned that you have read some research on C R3 treatment, could you please point me in the right direction as i would like to have a read.

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Marc Pritchard
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Re: The truth shall set you free

Postby Marc Pritchard » Tue 13 Nov 2007 8:59 am


Go to the website at the start of this thread, there are whole forums dedidcated to C3-R.

I myself ahave decided to go forward with both Intacs and C3-R and am doing it privately so that I can have good vision when it counts (I'm 30 and have a few things I want to do in the next decade). My simple thoguht is that I want to manage KC and not have KC manage me, which with contacts that is exactly whats happening.
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