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Graft in July

Posted: Thu 07 Jun 2007 12:23 pm
by comedyjester
Hi there,

I have my operation on the 11th July and I think I am in and out the same day.

My Pre-op is on monday of next week. So its all speeding ahead.

I have currently taken 2.5 weeks of work with the last week of that planned to be a holiday. We are not going anywhere but are planning on easy tourist things in london.

Am i leaving enough time to recover? Or should i rest for the whole 2.5 weeks.

Also can someone tell me what to expect in terms of discomfort and pain in the days after the graft?



Graft in July

Posted: Thu 07 Jun 2007 1:24 pm
by Anne Klepacz
Hi Rick and welcome to the forum.
I suspect we're all different in how quickly we recover after a graft and how quickly we recover from the effects of anaesthetic. Some people here seem to have been up and about very quickly, others have taken several weeks to feel properly human again! So I think you'll just have see how you go and don't force yourself to do things if you don't feel ready. It's very unusual to get any pain (though a couple of people here did) but your eye may well feel sticky, watery, very light sensitive for the first few weeks. A pair of good sunglasses will come in very useful! My grafts were 20 yrs ago but there's lots of others here who have had grafts much more recently and I'm sure will be able to tell you more. All the very best, and let us know how you get on!

Posted: Thu 07 Jun 2007 1:47 pm
by tommy.dean
hey rick, what anne says about the sunglasses is right they'll be your best accessory for a week or so post graft. For a day or 2 after it initially, i'd just get bed rest if i was you just concentrating on putting the drops in an getting over the anesthetic letting your body recover an the inflammation of the eye settle, but after that as long as you take things steady ie not bending over or lifting heavy objects you should be fine seeing some of the tourist attractions, thats what I've been doing on my London visits to take my mind off things abit :D . You should talk to you surgeon about post graft care though, make notes on things they say the better you look after a graft the better the out come of it will be, also keep your body really healthy plenty of vitamin c for healing and drink plenty of water. If you need anymore questions answering just ask. Also im sure plenty more people will advise you from here.

Posted: Thu 07 Jun 2007 2:50 pm
by mike scott
Hi Rick

Welcome to the forum.

Wow, I'm impressed at your confidence, I am a big believer in that if you have a positive state of mind then you will have a positive out come. Good luck with your Op , i hope it all goes very well and that your initial recovery is that speedy, and that you may be able to enjoy some of your time off.

very best wishes to you


Posted: Thu 07 Jun 2007 9:51 pm
by nicola jayne
hi Rick,
i had my graft last november, sunglasses are very important and dark ones at that, chill out the day before the op and obviously afterwards, everyone is different i am one of the ones who had pain after my graft but everyone IS different, not to be negative but i ended up off work for 7 months (but that includes before the graft also), then back for 1 month and off for another month :shock: :roll: but am back now. just listen to what your body is telling you and go with the flow, it is nerve wracking but weve almost all had grafts here and are all here to tell our tale ... it wont be as bad as you think im sure..
take care and good luck at the pre op i had much fun at mine.. i needed an ecg and didnt realise i needed one and had errm my '' going out'' underwear on ( sorry to be a little rude but wont tell you the whole story ) anyway the nurse found it soo funny she had to sit down for half an hour b4 she could do that or check my blood pressure which was then high LOL
.... take care