Currrent conditions

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Currrent conditions

Postby piper » Fri 01 Jun 2007 11:38 am

This is an experpt from a letter I wrote to some old friends in Michigan, USA who have been very concerned and supportive through this whole ordeal, just to bring them up to date a bit. hought I'd post it here, as you are all friends, as well.

Here's the scoop today. my right eye, the first one,
has a new plastic lens now, this may have been a
"mistake" by the doctors, trying to cure my visual
abberations.....but what is done is done. I have a
very large diameter contact on order and hope that it
will mitigate some of the lumps and bumps on my cornea
and allow me to see single images again. the good
news is that in daylight I have about 20-30 vision,
without any contact or eye has not
been that good since before 1973. So, except for
night vision issues I'm pretty happy.

My left eye, surgery on April 19, new plastic lens and
donor cornea, is doing well. For a long time it was
like having vaseline smeared on regular
glasses.......thickly. Well, now it is just like
haveing sort of dirty and smeared glasses......things
are in sort of soft focus.....and getting better. As
I ride along with my Chauffer, Diane, I look at car
plates in traffic and by the day I am getting so I can
read them...not a great distance but I can read them
at least. So, overall, I am pretty happy with that
one too, even if I can't see with it yet. It is
getting better......and only time heals this surgery.
I have high hopes of having 20-20 in both eyes in
about 6-8 months and the doctors tell me that is what
they figure it will be.

Man, this has been a long time coming and the loss of
my vision was devastating. Seeing over 70-images of
EVERYTHING can drive a person insane.......I was
pretty close. Friends like you helped me to have the
strength and patience to just wait and hope. Thank

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Postby Matthew_ » Fri 01 Jun 2007 12:05 pm

A moving account. I am sure plenty will identify with the issues you express so well.

Get a life...get a dog!

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mike scott
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Postby mike scott » Fri 01 Jun 2007 8:15 pm

Thats what friends are for.

i wish i could actually meet all the people on here that i consider to be friends, our own KC family huh :lol:

keep going mate and well done

onwards and upwards

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Postby GarethB » Fri 01 Jun 2007 9:36 pm

Mike, come to the confrence and you friends will be waiting :lol:

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