best home-made/non prescription solutions to glare/head ache

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Keith wilson
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best home-made/non prescription solutions to glare/head ache

Postby Keith wilson » Mon 28 May 2007 1:11 am

I have found that polarized sunglasses helped so much that i wanted to start a post to hear any solutions that people have heard about/use every day that they found really helped to minimise on headaches/glare/whatever. It need not be prescription...

Polarized sunglasses are a necessary item for me. It is well worth the money.

What do others find useful/necessary?

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mike scott
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Postby mike scott » Mon 28 May 2007 11:56 am

Hi Keith


I find the glasses i wear invaluable at work as the lighting is exclusively flourescent which creates loads of flare for me.
The glasses i wear have a light tint in them which improves contrast and they have a reflective coating on them which helps to reduce the flare. because the tint is very light they also prove useful for night time driving , walking etc and they have the added bonus of deflecting the dreaded "wind", the bain of all our lives :lol:

onwards and upwards

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