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having a carer

Postby cherishu2 » Mon 14 May 2007 3:08 pm

my other half works only 2 days a week.
the health visitor called the social workers in to do an assessment. they came and are sending a carer in on a wed and tues to cook for the kids and get them to bed.;
im really upset by this.i know i should accept the help i need bit its reqally hard.
they are my kids and i cant look after them, well thats how it feels.

i was mking the baby bottle today and tipped a kettle of boiling water over my front. ive burnt my belly. at kleast it was me that was burnt.
but ive now accepted that i shouldnt be cooking when i am alone.
i hate strangers near my kids though. you cant trust anyone so im finding it hard to let someone help.

anyway enuff moaning im going to see mr prydel to talked through the graft op on thurs. im gonna ask to be registered. will i be reg as blind or partial sighted. do you have to be blind blind to be reg as bklind?

on test chart thingy ii cant see chart at all let alone letters. not from 6m or 3 m

i have lenses but cant wear them and shouldnt be cus of blood vessels but i cant see the actual letters with those either just blurs and ghosting.

oooo thats a long post for me eh.lol

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mike scott
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Postby mike scott » Mon 14 May 2007 4:41 pm

Dear Cherishu

So sorry to hear whats happened ....Are you OK?

My advice for what its worth is to accept any help thats offered. With luck and a good outcome from your transplants this measure will only be temporary, and rest assured ....nobody is suggesting that you cant look after your kids, its just a helping hand.
You have a lot to cope with at the moment so these small ways of trying to make a difference to your life will help with some of that stress as well.

I live alone and have grown accustomed to being fiercely independent , but i have had to learn to accept a little help from time to time , esp with a bit of housework.....now i dont mind as much as to be honest ....i 'm not that keen on doing the dusting anyway :lol: and its only in times of need anyway just to help me out occasionally :) .

No you dont have to be "blind blind " as in complete blackness to be registered blind. to be in that " state " is very rare actually and few people are. As to whether you will be registered fully blind or as partially sighted depends on the level of sight you have as determined by your consultant and am sure he will tell you this and answer any questions you will have.

I'm also pretty sure Garethb will give you more advice , he seems pretty much clued up on this sort of stuff.

hope this helps a little

take good care of yourself and your family :)

onwards and upwards

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Andrew MacLean
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Postby Andrew MacLean » Mon 14 May 2007 5:17 pm


I agree: accept all the work that is coming your way! I needed all sorts of adaptations to my study in order to continue to work.

Take care.

Andrew MacLean

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Postby GarethB » Tue 15 May 2007 12:09 pm


Ask if you can have an assesment by the RNIB so changes can be put in before your graft as you will still have poor vision until the graft has stabilised and you can wear glasses.

When I was at Uni before just after my first graft I had a thing to put in a cup that sounded an alarm when the cup/glass was nearly full.

Now I use cups of a contrasting colour. I hold the top of the cup with my thunmb and forfingers round the edge and rest the kettle or container I'm pouring from on the edge of the cup. I can feel the change in air temperature as the liquid rises and nearly always stop before the liquid touches my fingers. When I do get it wrong, there has never been enough skin in contact to get a burn.

Without lenses in my right eye I am legally blind and the left partially sighted. Few blind people are totally blind and then they see one colour only, not always a world of blackness or white.

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rosemary johnson
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Postby rosemary johnson » Mon 28 May 2007 8:13 pm

SOmetimes, the best way to look after anyting.anyne is to delegate someone ese to ddo the work!
If you don't get on with the idea of social services just sending someone round to "make themselves at home" in you r ktichena nd with our kids, can you tell them you want to go on to Direct Payments, and employ a carer yourself? - then you'd be their boss, and have the ppower to hire the person who felt right for you.
Some local authorities are keener on this than others.
Good luck. I'd love to have someone sent round to do my cooking.

Please be careful with those kettles. I do hope you weren't badly burned and are OK again soon. Burns like that can not seenm too bad at first, and then you get hit by the shock later. Take care now.

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Postby donna » Mon 28 May 2007 9:27 pm

There are all kinds of things you can get to help with poor vision. You can get a device that sits inside your cup and vibrates slightly when the water reaches it.
I will get in touch with you soon, cant write much tonight, just taken mu lenses out and am struggling to type
Ironically I am a deaf/blind support worker! So I know of things that can help

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