im new to this site.

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im new to this site.

Postby andygoodall » Mon 05 Mar 2007 8:33 pm

Hello there ,im new to this site and am looking for some advice please. i was diagnosed with KC 2 years ago whilst a serving member of the Royal Marines i got very little help from the armed forces hospital and as i am now a civilian they dont want anything to do with me i was told to get on the NHS serving queen and country indeed.
Anyway i have decided to go and see a specialist down in London a company called LCRS i was wondering if anybody out there has had any dealings with them or anything to report at all.
Also i am looking into getting intacs as i am having massive issues with the specialist contact lenses i was given in the forces. Is there anybody out there that has had the intact op what was it like has it helped is it worth it? Thank you
Andy G

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Pat A
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Postby Pat A » Mon 05 Mar 2007 10:56 pm

Hi Andy
Can't help with your request personally - but you need to post this on the "general discussion forum" - it will be seen by many more there who will be able to help re Intacs. This part of the site is really for problems using the site (mainly IT related!) rather than KC related problems.

Good luck

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Andrew MacLean
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Postby Andrew MacLean » Tue 06 Mar 2007 10:16 am


Firstly, let me welcome you to the forum. Actually, the advice you were given by the forces hospital was very good indeed. The NHS does provide a good service to people with KC, although it would have to be admitted that it is better in some places than in others.

Between us, the people who post here have experienced almost the full range of services provided to people with Keratoconus.

I am sorry that your present lenses are not suiting you. You need to know that there are problems with fitting KC eyes with lenses, and for this reason there has been a development of a huge range of lens types and lens materials to suit the huge range of challenges presented by KC eyes. Just because one pair no longer works well does not mean that you ought to give up altogether.

I think that there is a serving Navy Officer who posts here. I know that he is now seen by a specialist contact lens clinic within the NHS, and from his posts, he seems pretty satisfied with the service he receives.

Do not be paniced into spending money on a service that, in the private sector, is not always better than the service in the NHS.

Andrew MacLean

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