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Postby jayboi2005 » Thu 19 Oct 2006 9:16 am

GarethB wrote:Jayboi,

Blink by Amo,

These drops are dirt cheap from Boots in a little bottle or single use ampoules.

So i can put these drops in while i have my lenses in?

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Postby GarethB » Thu 19 Oct 2006 10:20 am

Amo Blink contacts eye drops in a green pachage and the bottle is green too can most definitly be used with hard of soft lenses while you are wearing them.

it is stated on the box and the patient information leaflet. It is primarily a wetting eye drop.

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Andrew MacLean
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Postby Andrew MacLean » Sat 21 Oct 2006 5:21 pm


go to see the college authorities

tell them about your KC and give them the leaflets you can download from here.

Matthew gives good advice.

Don't let it get you down; if you do, 'they' have won!


ps in all honesty, I think it gets us all down sometimes, so you really are not alone. the thing to do is keep fighting,
Andrew MacLean

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