Scleral Lenses and Dust

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Scleral Lenses and Dust

Postby Susan Mason » Fri 30 Apr 2004 11:40 am

Hello all, was hoping that some of you may have some comments for me on this one. I have had scleral lenses now for near to 12 months and so far everything seemed to be going fine. At my last hospital appointment it was suggested that my left eye may need refitting as it apears to be 'flattening out' which I am told is not good or bad just something that sometimes happens with sclerals. Anyway my next appointment is 27th May however, over the past 2 to 3 weeks I have been having problems with my left and sometimes my right eye and have wondered whether this could be due to the dust/dirt in the room I am working.
I know that it is unusual for anything to get under the lenses however my working environment is pretty mucky with lots of dust flying around in the atmosphere (some of the engineers who work in my room wear dust masks when cleaning the machines which gets done periodically throughout the day). My desk is always dusty, with a film of gritty dust on it and worryingly I have felt that if I am at hole the lenses don't seem to trouble me, maybe this is just my mind playing tricks on me after all I am sure that for most of us time passes more quickly and enjoyably at home than at work.

The down side of all this is currently I am struggling through at work and then suffering once I get home with no lenses in and therefore having a no seeing evening or worse week end.

Any other ideas or suggestions?
I have started to take the omega 3 and evening primrose to try to help as I felt my eyes were dry and I seemed to have symptons that pointed to dry eyes (also previous hospital appointments have confirmed the dryness) however as far as I am aware their is no cure for this???

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