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Heated eye mask?

Posted: Thu 21 Mar 2024 8:29 pm
by cameronpcollier
Hi guys,

Hope everyone is okay..

I do get dry eyes.. as I’m sure others do. I currently use Hycosan extra eye drops which seem to somewhat help.

However, this week I purchased a heated (50 degree Celsius) eye mask which seems to work wonders when used before sleep for twenty minutes.

Before I continue to use it, does anyone know if this is safe for use with KC? I wouldn’t want to continue using it if it’s good for dry eye but a no no for KC. It doesn’t irritate my eyes.

I couldn’t find anything online but thought someone here might know..


Re: Heated eye mask?

Posted: Fri 22 Mar 2024 11:12 am
by Anne Klepacz
Hi Cameron,
There's an interesting article about dry eye in the Autumn 2020 newsletter ... wsletters/
Towards the end of that, Sara does mention warm eyelid therapy, though I don't know if she's referring to heated masks or warm flannels which some people use. So I don't think they're a no no for KC, but I'm wondering if 50 degrees is a bit hot? When I googled, the recommended temparature seemed to be 40-45 degrees and the recommended time 10 minutes. Does anyone else here use a mask?

Re: Heated eye mask?

Posted: Wed 27 Mar 2024 3:56 pm
Hi Cameron,
I've been using a wheat heat/cool pack for a few years, first thing for about 10 minutes, it really wakes me up and gets my eyes moving. I have KC and had surgery last October, my consultant said it is fine to use the pack, so if it works for you, it should be ok, it sounds like yours is very hot, I just heat mine for a few seconds in the microwave, if it's too hot, I can't put it on my face!