Flippin air bubbles in scleral lens

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Flippin air bubbles in scleral lens

Postby CARMELTHOMPSON » Wed 13 Mar 2024 5:44 pm

Hi, I am back again with yet another lens issue! My left cornea is very ectatic and I am now on the semi urgent list for a regraft, consultant said at my last appointment that it is as bad as it can get...I am persevering with a scleral lens whilst my right eye continues to recover from a regraft, without it my vision is very limited and I can't really do much, so do rely on the lens. I get air bubbles all the time and seem to be taking it out and putting it in every few minutes! Could the bubbles be forming because of the extent of the damage to the cornea, so that any lens would be the same, or can the fit be changed to accommodate the swelling of the cornea? Any thoughts would be most welcome.

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