Help required !

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Help required !

Postby Madhat26 » Wed 22 Sep 2021 4:43 pm

Hello all,
I am new to this group but not new to karatoconus as was diagnosed at 15 nearly 35 years ago!!! I’ve pretty much ‘got by’ over the years with a combination of soft and hard contacts, in recent years it’s been harder for my optician to get me a hard lens that gives me workable sight and stays on my eye but we’ve plodded on. In may this year I was taken unexpectedly ill, found unconscious on my way to work, extremely high BP was diagnosed and there are still a few other investigations ongoing but all in all no obvious reason as to what happened and no after effects other than my vision. My contacts were suddenly no longer effective and despite trying a hybrid lens which has quite frankly been agony I am now left with appalling vision, am still off work as I can barely see a screen let alone work on it!!! and I’m finding it a challenge to even complete basic household tasks, my confidence is shot!!! I’m wondering if anyone can help with their own experiences or signpost me to any support services as in struggling! I’ve got an appointment with cornea specialist in a few weeks but other than that I’m really all at sea

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Re: Help required !

Postby gsward » Wed 22 Sep 2021 5:28 pm

Hi, sorry to read your story. I would be surprised if there is a direct link between you high BP and KC. Presumably you are seeing a hospital consultant re your corneas. That's definitely the right course. A cornea specialist will be medically qualified too so should take into account everything else that is going on, so make sure they get your medical story.

In the meantime you could contact the RNIB's advice service You don't need to be suffering total sight loss and they can probably advise on short-term disability and work issues too.


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