New procedure for Keratoconus UK 2020

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New procedure for Keratoconus UK 2020

Postby engrossr » Mon 09 Mar 2020 10:55 am

Hi everyone, I have recently been diagnosed with mild bilateral keratoconus and was exploring options of CXL. I am currently a patient at Moorfields eye hospital London (NHS, not private) and will be having surveillance at six monthly intervals. At present I am trying the most basic treatment, that being toric soft lenses for astigmatism to see how I get on.

Anyway, there appears to be a new treatment coming to the UK by Optimax called small-incision LIKE (lenticular intrastromal keratoplasty). Just wanted to share this with everybody on the forum who may be looking for an alternative treatment for KC. If anyone has any experience/ knowledge with this procedure please feel free to share. ... sion-like/

At present I am considering a number of options for myself initially; CXL or mini-schleral lenses or Kerasoft. Now I know that each case of KC is different, given that my condition is mild which one would anybody suggest. Having recently turned 31 I was told that it is quite likely that my condition would not progress any further, however, other people’s posts on here seem to dismiss that claim. Given the success of most people that have had the procedure I still think that CXL would be beneficial as my prescription has doubled in the last 12 weeks and from the topography there seems to be signs of progression.

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Re: New procedure for Keratoconus UK 2020

Postby Anne Klepacz » Tue 10 Mar 2020 3:33 pm

Hi and welcome!
Remember that the people who post here are the ones whose KC does progress! The ones whose KC stays the same go away and forget they have an unusual condition. As you probably know, to be eligible for CXL on the NHS there has to be definite progression over a 6mth period. Have a look at our Winter 2019 newsletter here ... lications/ which has a summary of an excellent talk we had at one of our meetings by Dan Gore, Moorfields consultant about CXL and why not everyone should necessarily have it. Hopefully the soft toric lenses will improve things for you. And as you say, there are a number of other lens options such as Kerasoft and the basic corneal rgp lenses. Mini sclerals are usually used for more advanced KC.
And thank you for the link to the potential new treatment. A bit of googling suggests that its a procedure that has generally been used for longsightedness. I'm no scientist, but I find it hard to understand how it could be helpful for KC. Maybe other forum users can explain. And let us know how you get on.

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