Questions about Sclerals

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Questions about Sclerals

Postby waza722 » Mon 09 Mar 2020 6:38 am

If you have been wearing them for a long time how bad is your vision without them?

This is specifically for people who haven't done CXL.

I'm nearly 35 and have a hospital appointment next week and will ask about Scleral lenses. Do they have different brands you can try or is it just one available?

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Re: Questions about Sclerals

Postby gsward » Mon 16 Mar 2020 11:11 am

Your first question is an interesting one. When I wore regular RGP lenses I did find that immediately after taking them out I probably could not see as well compared to when I first put them in. I've been of scleral user many years and don't have the same problem.

Sclerals are much more about fit than brand. Most optometrists have trial fitting sets of lenses from one of the manufacturers. The sets they vary in size and in fit (curvature, how close it is to your cornea). There other options like mini-sclerals that are someway between the RGP and a full scleral lens. Once the fit is right the optometrist will do a normal refraction test to get the power in the lens right for you.

It would be worth reading this page

Overall, I would not (and could not!) go back to RGP lenses.

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