Anybody clued up on astygmatism?

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Anybody clued up on astygmatism?

Postby Gooner1978 » Sat 27 Jul 2019 5:09 pm


Hopefully not out of place here, but I'm thinking this potentially a goldmine of info on various eye related questions! If anybody can guide me, I'd be very appreciative.

Had my first eye test in 20 years a couple of months ago, and it turns out i have astygmatism in both eyes. Script is:

Right Sph 0 Cyl -2.75 Axis 179
Left Sph 0 Cyl -1.50 Axis 3

I couldn't afford ANY of the glasses in the optician so got some online, and for the most part, they're great - very crisp vision. BUT i have a couple of queries i can't go and ask the optician since i didn't buy the glasses from them.

1. My right eye isn't QUITE as crisp as it should be. Would getting -3.00 when i get my next pair improve this?

2. If i tilt my head, my right eye sees squares become trapezoidal. Could that be my Axis is incorrect? How far "out" would cause issues, or is that normal?

3. Depth perception is a little weird now - will i just adapt to that?

4. And lastly, if i turn my eyes and look through the right lens towards the outer edge, the vision gets blurrier. Is that also normal, or is something else wrong?

It's a rubbish position not being eligible for nhs specs, but not earning enough to buy on the high st, but im trying my best to work around it :D

Thanks for any advice at all on any of that.

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Re: Anybody clued up on astygmatism?

Postby space_cadet » Mon 29 Jul 2019 4:07 pm

I have zero depth perception, whichis incredibly problematic, the fact your KC is mangageable with glasses is something id give my right arm for, but sadly mine is far more advanced.
good luck with the new glasses x
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