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Scleral lenses

Posted: Sun 30 Jun 2019 9:32 am
by Eva
Hi all

I have KC in one eye and have been waiting to get scleral lenses on the NHS since March 2019. Unfortunately there was a mix up at the hospital which means that my first appointment is likely to be after September, so I won't get my lenses until this autumn at the earliest.

As I can't sit around waiting, I have now decided to get scleral lenses privately but I don't know where to go. Is there anywhere someone here can recommend? I am based in Berkshire but can travel to London or anywhere in the South East.

Re: Scleral lenses

Posted: Sun 30 Jun 2019 12:52 pm
by Anne Klepacz
Hi Eva,
The obvious place is here though it might not be the easiest of journeys for you from Berkshire. But it's where Ken Pullum, THE specialist in scleral lenses, works when he's not at Moorfields or Oxford. I guess you know that scleral lenses, because they're so specialised, are the most expensive of lenses for KC. But lots of people here say they're the most comfortable lens they've had.

Re: Scleral lenses

Posted: Wed 03 Jul 2019 6:06 pm
by gsward
For you and others who might come back to this post later, when you are referred (usually by your GP on an optician's recommendation) to an NHS hospital you do have a right to choose where you go. In your case you could have gone back to your GP for a new referral elsewhere if necessary. You should not be bounced into to the private sector because of an admin issue and then told to wait. Particularly as you will find scelerals are not the cheapest option.

If you are in doubt, you could also ask here for hospital recommendations.

Re: Scleral lenses

Posted: Sat 06 Jul 2019 12:45 pm
by Eva
Hello thank you both. I will contact Hertford optometry in that case and see how long it will take to get the lenses privately.
I am annoyed I am having to wait so long for an NHS appointment but not very surprised based on past experience....