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Questions for optometrists

Posted: Sun 17 Feb 2019 1:27 pm
by Green
Hi, a few questions for optometrists reading here;

1). Do KC pts make more eye mucus than non KC pts?
I find I have to spend a lot of time pulling out mucus before RGP insertion or it smears it or hurts.
Running a tissue over it can be too rough I find a cotton handkerchief is better. Any further suggestions welcomed.
I had wondered whether lubricants encourage greater mucus production?

2) Why are optometrists often unaware that KC pts with hospital issued lenses do have to pay for saline and cleaning/soaking solutions as pre-paid certs, low income schemes and full concession does not apply because they're not on NHS prescription. I've listened to optometrists insist it's covered when it's not.
Is there any interest in optoms prof body (I don't know if you have one and what it's called), to raise this as an issue?
It does seem contradictory that KC pts get artificial tear drops and lubricants on NHS prescription (therefore that would be covered by pre-paid cards) but not saline & solutions.
The latter really matter given the use of tap water to rinse lenses has cost some people their sight.

3). Is there any research or project looking at lens phobia and exploring the handling difficulties pts have with lenses?
For example needle phobic insulin dependent diabetics can access a health psychologist for support.